Submit a separate application for each 4-week period

CESB eligibility periods that are open for application:

  •  May 10 to June 6
  •  June 7 to July 4
  •  July 5 to August 1
  •  August 2 to August 29 final eligibility period

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Before you apply

Answer these questions to ensure your application will be quick and easy:

Confirm you are correctly registered with the CRA

Have you ever filed a Canadian tax return?

Set up direct deposit

Direct deposit payments take 3 business days. A cheque takes about 10 business days.

Is your direct deposit information up to date with the CRA?

When to apply

Select the period you are eligible for to find out when you can apply. You can only apply for one eligibility period at a time.

Determine when to apply

What type of student are you?
Alternative format: When to apply

Application deadline

All applications for this benefit must be submitted before September 30, 2020.

Apply online or by phone

If you have never filed taxes before, you must first get ready to apply.

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By phone:
Call the automated toll-free line

The CRA will verify that you are eligible to receive the CESB. If you are able to work, you must be actively looking for work to be eligible to receive the CESB.

Re-apply every 4-weeks

You will need to re-apply for each 4-week period that you are eligible for. The final eligibility period is August 2 to August 29, 2020.

To find the earliest day to re-apply for each period, refer to: Determine when to apply